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How Will Super Tinters Be In The Future

Film that he’s pulled up?That’s the protective coating.So right now, what he’s done is he put lubrication, or water and soap, in between those two layers.Now the physical layer that’s closest to the wood, that’s the one that’s going to go on– see, he’s putting more lubrication, that’s the part that’s going to go on the backside of the glass But the difficult part is he’s got Roget it inside the car without getting any residue on the sticky part.

So as you can see he’s rolling it very, very thin so that he can transport it inside the car without, let’s say, touching one of the seats, or something like that,where just the tiniest little fiber, or the tiniest little bit of wind will get on there, and then Super Tinters it’ll show through just like a clear bra.So he hops inside the car, resets the window down, and then, while he’s putting it in, watch, he pulls the protective coating off at the same exact time.So it’s a little bit of a balancing act here.

And he doesn’t want anything to get behind the film right before it sticks on to the window.So right now he’s got to get it up there without touching the roof, or anything that’s not perfectly clean glass.Otherwise, instantly, it’s going to look as if there’s something caught behind it.And you’ve got to start all over again.That’s the part that I appreciated the most about this art, is, the tiniest little mistake is going to be visible because you’re working with glass, which I find pretty interesting.

Now he told me off camera that it was pretty common to have the corners have some issues.So you can see, he’s gently pushing the water and the soap out.And then he’ll slide the air pocket out.But he was saying, if I push too hard right now, if I push too hard, I could actually put a little crimp in the film here and have to start all over.

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While cancer is as bad as it gets pretty much everybody’s skin is being damaged in other ways photoaging brown spots redness Regals moles and more but I have checked all the time and a couple pieces scraped off then they use that like liquid nitrogen take it off car window tinting.

You can look through those pictures and it is dramatically warmer left side and you ask people that have more damage on the right here either the passenger they have sunrooms next to window work it’s even worse he says for people who drive for a living I figure I can and bus drivers.

I saw one today should tell me about all this damage was battling skin cancer and his left arm enemy for the truck driver for years and years and years yes wear your sunscreen but the doctor says it’s very unlikely you can slather on enough protection and he says extra UV protection already installed in some vehicles may not be enough either an ultraviolet a range go right through the car window glass would want.

You maybe but we need a plastic film to bot uva a flimsy piece of nearly clear plastic something like this tinting you can see through claiming to block % of UV rays full spectrum clear how all your vault light is invisible so the fact that the thrones clear it’s okay.

It’s recommended by the skin cancer foundation and its allowed in areas where dark tinting on the front windows he’s finally over the internet we checked out Bobbi Meyer applying it and his garage in Hatboro PA driver side front passenger side and which you.

How much the two front doors and the wind chill about three hundred twenty dollars after three years you might want to just get it neater just the check you want to see if the level of protection is dropping the owner of this car is being treated for skin cancer right now on her face.