The Pros and Cons of Bathroom Remodeling for Resale Homes

Splitting them up is better and that’s separate from the from the light you also should not be closer than inches to a bathtub so to conclude, in the end, a lot is obviously determined by your budget an unlimited budget would mean almost anything is possible but we don’t live in that world do we How to Redecorate a Bathroom.

So start by understanding the limitations of your home structure and space and then design from the reconceptualizing your new master bathroom or your bathroom plans and considering plumbing and electrical considerations in the beginning really basically going to take your overall design pride project or concept and make it a flow and go a lot easier trust me on that one.

I’m Rob Robillard please consider subscribing to our video channel and check out the full article of plumbing and electrical considerations on concrete carpenter comm a next video number five will talk about insulation and ventilation for bathrooms take care want to talk to you about building a waterproof shower and we’re going to talk about the wide system.

This is video number and I think we can all agree that the single most important part or thing when considering building a shower is the lot of proofing portion of you know bathroom remodels people focus on colors layouts fixtures and moving things around while arguably their important part of remodeling many times.

They’re really missing the all-important conversation about waterproofing unfortunately many people do it wrong or they cut corners we all know countless shower pan and waterproofing horror stories do clients understand waterproofing.

A lot of client questions that come up at least in my discussions about bathroom remodels do not revolve or revolve around waterproofing and you’ve got to ask yourself you know do clients care about water proofing Rochelle properly well.